2022: Gisbertus Voetius on God, Freedom, and Contingency

Beck, Andreas J. Gisbertus Voetius (1589–1676) on God, Freedom, and Contingency: An Early Modern Reformed Voice. Brill’s Series in Church History and Religious Culture 84. Leiden: Brill, 2022, xvi + 616 pp.
(Includes a discussion of the reception of Scotus’s thought by an influential early modern theologian.) 253 pp.

Michael J. Lynch, The Davenant Institute: “Beck masterfully explains the myriad of scholastic distinctions employed by Voetius in service of explaining the divine nature and its relation to the contingent world order. […] Regardless of whether one is convinced by Beck’s insistence on the influence of Duns Scotus upon Voetius’ theology proper, his monograph is filled with careful discussion of knotty early modern theological topics. Any student of early modern Reformed orthodoxy will find a vast array of material related to the doctrine of God, both among Voetius and his various interlocutors.”

2018: The Theology of John Duns Scotus

Vos, Antonie. The Theology of John Duns Scotus. Studies in Reformed Theology 34. Leiden: Brill, 2018, xii + 455 pp.

William Crozier, Durham University: “A timely, much-needed contribution to the small, but gradually expanding, corpus of anglophone secondary literature on Duns Scotus, Vos’ book will be of interest to not only those who study the Subtle Doctor, but those interested in constructive theology, especially ecumenical theology and the ongoing dialogue between the Catholic and Reformed traditions.”

2018: John Duns Scotus: A Life

Vos, Antonie. John Duns Scotus: A Life. Studies in the History of Church and Theology 2. Kampen: Summum Academic, 2018, 253 pp.

Jan Alexander van Nahl, Associate Professor in Medieval Icelandic Literature, University of Island: “With seeming
ease, Vos interweaves a range of medieval
accounts, dwells on significant details,
zooms out to a quickly-sketched broader
context, zooms in at yet another detail,
enriched with critical references to earlier
scholarship and own speculation.”

2006: The Philosophy of John Duns Scotus

Vos, Antonie. The Philosophy of John Duns Scotus. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2006, 672 pp.

Alexander Broadie, professor of Logic and Rhetoric at the University of Glasgow: ‘The quality of the scholarship and philosophical content of Vos’s latest book is excellent throughout. His analyses of Scotus’s ideas are insightful and thought-provoking, and all in all the book is a delight to read.’

2005: Geloof geeft te denken

Beck, Andreas J., and Henri Veldhuis, eds. Geloof geeft te denken: Opstellen over de theologie van Johannes Duns Scotus. Scripta
Franciscana 8. Assen: Van Gorcum, 2005, xi + 325 pp.

2003: Duns Scotus on Divine Love

Duns Scotus on Divine Love: Texts and Commentary on Goodness and Freedom, God and Humans. Edited by A. Vos, H. Veldhuis, E. Dekker, N.W. den Bok and A.J. Beck. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2003; London, Routledge: 2021, x + 246 pp.

1998: Kontingenz und Freiheit

“Kontingenz und Freiheit in der ordinatio I 39 des Johannes Duns Scotus.” Wissenschaft und Weisheit, 61 (1998): 99-136

2000: Vivarium

Five articles in Vivarium 38 (2000), nr. 2

1994: Contingency and Freedom

John Duns Scotus, Contingency and Freedom. Introduction, Translation and Commentary. The New Synthese Historical Library 42. Dordrecht/Boston/London: Kluwer, 1994

1995: Teksten over God en werkelijkheid

Johannes Duns Scotus. Teksten over God en Werkelijkheid. Zoetermeer: Meinema 1995

1994: Johannes Duns Scotus

Vos, Antonie. Johannes Duns Scotus. Kerkhistorische monografiën 2. Leiden: J.J. Groen en Zoon, 1994

1992: Contingentie en vrijheid

Johannes Duns Scotus, Contingentie en vrijheid, Lectura I 39. Ingeleid, vertaald en van commentaar voorzien, Meinema, Zoetermeer 1992